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woo happy ;x

k so like, i went to jeff' shop so he can do something to my car lol right anyways he asked if i wanted to go to dinner with him i told him id call him when i got home to let him know or whatever, so i called him ya know and i was like jeff hes like yea im like ill go and so we went out to dinner aw hes so cute lol ;x but im not with him or anything cause me and mikey had just broken up plus, i don't think i look at jeff like that really, hes sweet though no lie, but we were at dinner and i was lookin around thinking ya know, i had tears in my eyes and jeff was like something wrong? im like no hes like u sure sweetie im like yea im fine and blah and then out of no where he kissed me ;/ but i couldn't kiss him back cause iunno i just like moved my head the other way ya know? anyways hes a good friend but moving on me and lesha talked man shes such a good friend i love her <3 shes been there for me since i've met her and its totally cool lol ;x anyways im talking to jeremy now and roger woop cute guys both of them ;x anyways jeremy is a sweetie lol ;x hes funny too. but k moving on so like i went to the club after dinner to meet up with my step brother and jordan and well jordan was pissed off cause i was with jeff, but no big deal he will get over it lol but i don't think i look at jeff that way really hes more like a big brother i guess u can say but yea, and jordan is just ew k.. anyways im going soo
goodbye <33333

Lesha, feel better <3
thanks so much for being there <3 :P
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