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lacey~!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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funny :] [31 Jul 2002|10:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Adam n Lacey
071602 - 073102
woop, great dates huh?
anyways yes, we broke up.
but who needs aol shit
anyways its just completely
gay, right? im 18 yrs old
i don't need that shit..
moving on, guys are fucking
selfish as hell, but yea..



funny shit ;P [19 Jul 2002|11:43pm]
[ mood | amused ]

hah, funny shit right here, k.. so like me and aj are fighting i guess u can call it or whatever for no god damn reason expect the fact what he told his little friend k.. well how the fuck, can u fall inlove with someone, but in the start hurt them by telling people shit which isn't any of their business?

Bitchatadam: i didnt do it to hurt you
Bitchatadam: i would never hurt
Bitchatadam: heh i love you


werd [19 Jul 2002|11:28pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

k well, im out with my friends this kid tom and my two girls and shit and im driving to the movies and shit and i pull into the movie parking lot thingy and i run over a bump and its like really dark or whatever and i didn't see it, and well my gas started coming out so we didn't see the movie but hopefully i was able to make it over to the fucking store so i pull over to the store and shit and i ask tom if i fill it up if it will be good enough to drive home he said no so like we tried putting gas into it and shit and it kept coming out so of course i call up my mom and shit so she drives down there we waited 30mins for the fire truck cause they had to come and make sure it was good enough to tow or whatever and then we called the place where they can come pick up my car which was another 45mins which really fucking sucked, and then tom checked to see how big the hole was and shit and he said it wasn't too big but i had to fix it, tom' is really nice i met him like 3days ago or something but he was talking to me about my car and shit lol it was funny ;x anyways so i get online i get a random email, from this fucking guy saying Aj said it was okay to send my thong pics, well hm werd anyways which really pisses me off cause Aj shouldn't have even told him i had more pics, better yet he shouldn't have even told his friend to look at my pic on his site, but whatever anyways it just pisses me off, makes me look like a fucking ho on aol which i don't even care cause i barely come on anyways i mean i do have a social life ya know out side of this shit. but anyways i gotta go this shit is bugging me, so Bye..


woo <3 [16 Jul 2002|06:38pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

lol k this is lacey ;x i've been having lesha update my journal cause i've been really lazy and shit, well lol totally cool shit, me and aj got together like 30mins ago and well hes a sweetheart ;P anyways im about to go eat dinner and shit, tomorrow i have this class for like a hr or something which is gonna suck but thats k, oh well right, anyways umm im gonna go eat dinner and lay down for like a hr or so.. yea, Byee <333

aj <3 :P


;] [16 Jul 2002|05:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

lacey + aj
6:o9 p.m.


updatin for tha ho ;x [16 Jul 2002|04:50pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

har ok this is lesha again since laceys lazy ass is to lazy to update her own journal. rofl ;x anyways. aw i think lacey and aj finna get the hookup ;x their so cyute together. har ;x rofl i write in her damn journal more than i write in my own ;x im makin mashed potatoes. im so effin hungry. when my dad gets home ima mow the yard for him. aint i so sweet. fo realz. aiight well ima out

love ya baby girl <33


[15 Jul 2002|08:27pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

k well, i called luny then we 3wayd lesha, and then i kinda started acting like a bitch for no reason at all, anyways im really tired im about to go lay down, and luny is really sweet, iunno why i got mad at him ;[ he did nothing wrong what so ever.. anyways im bored out of my god damn mind, im gonna go lay down n shit. but yea.. Bye..

when i feel like im falling
for you, i get pushed away
when i think ur feeling the
sameway i still seem to get
pushed to the side, iunno where
the feelings came from but, they
must be true it doesn't happen
over night, but i believe ..
i love you, iunno any other way
to explain it, i really do care
ur the only one who can understand
me and believe in me i care so much
for you i don't think anyother person
can sit here and tell us both wrong
i hope you will see the light, and
realize ur the only one. no matter
what happens with or without you..
ill always remember the moments we
shared together, but for now and ..
forever, i shall always love you :/

-lacey :\

one time you were a part of me
now i don't think i could
ever forgive you, ur just
a blair , something i that
will just wash away all my

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[15 Jul 2002|02:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

fuck everything, and fuck all of you :]


<3 [14 Jul 2002|09:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well i called ken and talked to him for a bit and what not then i called luny, aw ;] hes so sweet lol but anyways i called lesha today and told her about my story with devon, well anyways lol k, im really bored and blah i've been going out like everyday me and jeff have been chillen more lately and so haven't me and josh woo and devon came over today and well nothing went down but he expected it would have, and well it didn't lol anyways im off, cause im bored and well yea, pz :]


[14 Jul 2002|06:30pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

lesha: LACEYYY
me: heyy
lesha: hiiii
me: supp
lesha: nmm
lesha: if i get my clit pierced
lesha: will u get urs done ;x
me: hell yea


ken <3 ;x


woo happy ;X [13 Jul 2002|10:33pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

well, i went to josh' house for a little bit and he wanted to go to the mall to pick up some new clothes or whatever so i met up with jenn and stacy and then jose and donny and jason met up with us there and i was chillen with josh or whatever and he bought me ice cream how sweet lol x; anyways its like ever since i've been single, its like iunno lol weird. but moving on so, like josh was asking questions on what happen and shit so i told him and well he laughed about it but he was being funny about it too like puttin it into a joke kind of i guess you can say? lol anyways and i was suppose to call lesha while i was gone but blah i didn't get the time too ;/ sorry hun <3 :[ iLu lol ;x then after the mall and shit we went out to dinner and josh bought, lol mann two dinners for the past two days with two different guys woo <3 werd mann lol anyways i met this guy today i guess his name is luny hes like 26 ;x but hes really sweet i called him today <3 man he has a sexy voice lol ;x woo buttt mann we were talking about my car and his old car and well yea and his work and how he has to pay rent and shit like that, it was funn other then that i didn't do shit, and blah lastnight i got paid lol ;/ so when i went to the mall i bought a outfit its really cute its like a pinkish
see thru shirt that says angel on the front and it has sparkles on it, and then i bought these white jeans and this pink belt that says angel on it and yea lol its cute~! ;x butt moving on k im gonna go cause this is boring so byee <3

lesha, thanks for everything <3


[13 Jul 2002|11:42am]
[ mood | amused ]

ww3: yous my nigga and i dont want you to be mad at me
iaceyy: <333

aw jeremy <33 lol im not mad at you ;X


woo happy ;x [12 Jul 2002|11:37pm]
[ mood | loved ]

k so like, i went to jeff' shop so he can do something to my car lol right anyways he asked if i wanted to go to dinner with him i told him id call him when i got home to let him know or whatever, so i called him ya know and i was like jeff hes like yea im like ill go and so we went out to dinner aw hes so cute lol ;x but im not with him or anything cause me and mikey had just broken up plus, i don't think i look at jeff like that really, hes sweet though no lie, but we were at dinner and i was lookin around thinking ya know, i had tears in my eyes and jeff was like something wrong? im like no hes like u sure sweetie im like yea im fine and blah and then out of no where he kissed me ;/ but i couldn't kiss him back cause iunno i just like moved my head the other way ya know? anyways hes a good friend but moving on me and lesha talked man shes such a good friend i love her <3 shes been there for me since i've met her and its totally cool lol ;x anyways im talking to jeremy now and roger woop cute guys both of them ;x anyways jeremy is a sweetie lol ;x hes funny too. but k moving on so like i went to the club after dinner to meet up with my step brother and jordan and well jordan was pissed off cause i was with jeff, but no big deal he will get over it lol but i don't think i look at jeff that way really hes more like a big brother i guess u can say but yea, and jordan is just ew k.. anyways im going soo
goodbye <33333

Lesha, feel better <3
thanks so much for being there <3 :P


lacey=my sexy bitch ;x [12 Jul 2002|06:33pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

heyy. this is alesha and im updatin laceys journal for her since her ass is too lazy ;x aw well her and mikey broke up today. sorry baby girl <3 ull find someone who treats u so much better and everything and ill help ;x anyways. hehe. lala. lacey is sexxyyy@#$!@#$ shes my period sister ;x wha wha. aiight well ima end this shizit.

love you lacey tons and tons and tons@#$
-kisses all over-


blah tired :/ [12 Jul 2002|01:11pm]
ew k, well i woke up at 11:30 im so tired :/ i didn't go to bed til 4am man i was rolling lastnight from laughing so fucking much, this girl lura, i was talking too shes funny as fuck, and well yea :x i just found something out lastnight and well.. its quite funny, but i don't wanna say anything yet, cause blah :] but.. he should know what im talking about, cause lura sure does :] anyways lol woo, im so fucking tired, i have to take my car to jeff today so he can do something to it, but yea what a fun day :/ im leaving around 3-3:30 shit, i still don't feel good i don't even wanna go, but blah he'll get mad if i keep missing my appointments and shit anyways im gonna go cause i don't feel like typing anymore, plus im laughing so hard right now and blah. k rofl man.. Bye <3 :]
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woo :P [11 Jul 2002|11:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

aw how cute, i wake up after sleeping for a hour or so and i come online and i have a fucking comment from some chic, lol and then she had the nerve to delete it to where it wouldn't stay in my journal, how nice :] but anyways i deleted it myself cause its fucking stupid, anyways im gonna tell you what it said.. well the entry i left about me and mikey getting back together, she left the comment under there saying.. "take care of my baby :[" hm..how cute right? i love it, but moving on nothing to sweat over cause i have him :] so blah, to bad for ho' but its 12am and im bored and tired and im talking to ken about it and he finds it funny just like i do lol anyways Bye <3

Mikey, i love you :]
<33 062702

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[11 Jul 2002|11:34am]
[ mood | restless ]

k so like, lesha asked me to update my journal so here i am updating lol anyways im so bored, and i called mikey yesterday and we talked for a little bit i should say about a hour or so it was great he was losing his voice ;[ poor baby <3 and i was making fun of him but yea ;x aw but anyways im so fucking bored holy shit i got my period this morning and it hurts like a mother fucker u don't even know holy shit like i was saying though i miss mikey ;/ and well yea im going to go cause i aint got much to say, so Bye <33

LESHA <33333 :P


AW <33 [09 Jul 2002|07:15pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

aw <3! me and mikey just got back together and omg im so happy i missed him so much u don't even know, well you might cause i was telling everyone about it, but yea anyways omg woo im so glad, hes so sweet and well yea. anyways he had to go spend time with his mom, so blah he left no biggy but i'll talk to him later, anyways im gonna go so byee <3

lesha, thanks for everything <3
ken, thanks for being there <3


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[08 Jul 2002|08:40pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

me: i feel old
random guy: ur hot tho so its k
me: lol
me: ew
me: get out of here
me: lordd
random guy: u r lol
me: gross
me: im a virgin
random guy: sure lol
me: blahh
me: i am
random guy: mk
me: i've only been fingered once in my whole life and kissed one or 2 guys
me: and never seen dick before
random guy: rofl
random guy: what?
random guy: bullshit
me: im not lying
me: i swear to god
random guy: y aint u done more
random guy: rofl ive done like everything
random guy: rofl dude id break ur pussy n half
me: so break it my nigga lol ;]
me: im funny holy shit
random guy: lol

holy shit. i love guys <3 rofl man ;x
anyways.. moving on bored as fuck, k. bye! <3 :P


lyrics. :/ [08 Jul 2002|08:00pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

baby..baby..baby..i wanna satisfy you maybe,
i try too damn hard to show you i love you,
what made you go and run this game on me?
when i stayed by your side,
what made you go and leave,
im tired of my heart..being broken,
im tired of these tears falling down my face,
im tired of this love..being taken for granted
'won't you go your way'
you don't know how i feel, im for real.
i use to be in love..but not nomore
when will you learn that i got feelings too?
you'll never know until it happens to you.
im tired of my heart..being broken,
im tired of these tears..falling down my face,
im tired of this love being taken for granted
'won't you go your way'
theres one thing i gotta ask you..
one thing, gotta ask of you
'gotta ask of you'
if this is true 'true',
Why you took your love away?
Why you took your love away from me
Theres one thing i gotta ask,
One thing, gotta ask of you 'gotta ask of you'
if this is true 'true',
why you took your love away? 'whyyy'
im tired of my heart..being broken,
im tired of these tears..falling down my face,
im tired of this love..being taken for granted
'won't you go your way'
im tired of my heart..being broken,
im tired of these tears..falling down my face,
im tired of this love..being taken for granted
'won't you go your way'

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