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k well, im out with my friends this kid tom and my two girls and shit and im driving to the movies and shit and i pull into the movie parking lot thingy and i run over a bump and its like really dark or whatever and i didn't see it, and well my gas started coming out so we didn't see the movie but hopefully i was able to make it over to the fucking store so i pull over to the store and shit and i ask tom if i fill it up if it will be good enough to drive home he said no so like we tried putting gas into it and shit and it kept coming out so of course i call up my mom and shit so she drives down there we waited 30mins for the fire truck cause they had to come and make sure it was good enough to tow or whatever and then we called the place where they can come pick up my car which was another 45mins which really fucking sucked, and then tom checked to see how big the hole was and shit and he said it wasn't too big but i had to fix it, tom' is really nice i met him like 3days ago or something but he was talking to me about my car and shit lol it was funny ;x anyways so i get online i get a random email, from this fucking guy saying Aj said it was okay to send my thong pics, well hm werd anyways which really pisses me off cause Aj shouldn't have even told him i had more pics, better yet he shouldn't have even told his friend to look at my pic on his site, but whatever anyways it just pisses me off, makes me look like a fucking ho on aol which i don't even care cause i barely come on anyways i mean i do have a social life ya know out side of this shit. but anyways i gotta go this shit is bugging me, so Bye..
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