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k well, i called luny then we 3wayd lesha, and then i kinda started acting like a bitch for no reason at all, anyways im really tired im about to go lay down, and luny is really sweet, iunno why i got mad at him ;[ he did nothing wrong what so ever.. anyways im bored out of my god damn mind, im gonna go lay down n shit. but yea.. Bye..

when i feel like im falling
for you, i get pushed away
when i think ur feeling the
sameway i still seem to get
pushed to the side, iunno where
the feelings came from but, they
must be true it doesn't happen
over night, but i believe ..
i love you, iunno any other way
to explain it, i really do care
ur the only one who can understand
me and believe in me i care so much
for you i don't think anyother person
can sit here and tell us both wrong
i hope you will see the light, and
realize ur the only one. no matter
what happens with or without you..
ill always remember the moments we
shared together, but for now and ..
forever, i shall always love you :/

-lacey :\

one time you were a part of me
now i don't think i could
ever forgive you, ur just
a blair , something i that
will just wash away all my
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