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woo happy ;X

well, i went to josh' house for a little bit and he wanted to go to the mall to pick up some new clothes or whatever so i met up with jenn and stacy and then jose and donny and jason met up with us there and i was chillen with josh or whatever and he bought me ice cream how sweet lol x; anyways its like ever since i've been single, its like iunno lol weird. but moving on so, like josh was asking questions on what happen and shit so i told him and well he laughed about it but he was being funny about it too like puttin it into a joke kind of i guess you can say? lol anyways and i was suppose to call lesha while i was gone but blah i didn't get the time too ;/ sorry hun <3 :[ iLu lol ;x then after the mall and shit we went out to dinner and josh bought, lol mann two dinners for the past two days with two different guys woo <3 werd mann lol anyways i met this guy today i guess his name is luny hes like 26 ;x but hes really sweet i called him today <3 man he has a sexy voice lol ;x woo buttt mann we were talking about my car and his old car and well yea and his work and how he has to pay rent and shit like that, it was funn other then that i didn't do shit, and blah lastnight i got paid lol ;/ so when i went to the mall i bought a outfit its really cute its like a pinkish
see thru shirt that says angel on the front and it has sparkles on it, and then i bought these white jeans and this pink belt that says angel on it and yea lol its cute~! ;x butt moving on k im gonna go cause this is boring so byee <3

lesha, thanks for everything <3
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