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blah tired :/

ew k, well i woke up at 11:30 im so tired :/ i didn't go to bed til 4am man i was rolling lastnight from laughing so fucking much, this girl lura, i was talking too shes funny as fuck, and well yea :x i just found something out lastnight and well.. its quite funny, but i don't wanna say anything yet, cause blah :] but.. he should know what im talking about, cause lura sure does :] anyways lol woo, im so fucking tired, i have to take my car to jeff today so he can do something to it, but yea what a fun day :/ im leaving around 3-3:30 shit, i still don't feel good i don't even wanna go, but blah he'll get mad if i keep missing my appointments and shit anyways im gonna go cause i don't feel like typing anymore, plus im laughing so hard right now and blah. k rofl man.. Bye <3 :]
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